Senary Ventures is a multidisciplinary innovation firm devoted to decentralized technology
We support web-based public utilities that democratize opportunity, more justly
accrue and distribute value, and promote our greater humanity.

Senary Commonwealth

Senary Commonwealth is a multi strategy investment fund for accredited investors who seek exposure to innovative, high growth, decentralized crypto assets.
Tokenized and continuous, Senary Commonwealth creates yield through synergistic and coordinated disciplines.

Commonwealth Trading

Actively managing a diverse, liquid book of cryptoassets to generate yield from liquid and dynamic DeFi markets.

Commonwealth Capital

Invests in the leading projects and networks growing Web3, backing promising ventures disrupting today's inefficient, incumbent web-native economies.
Software is a Liquid Asset
We are at the dawn of the new, fairer, better internet—Web3. Investors have a generational opportunity to fuel its glorious ascension.

As the vulnerabilities and structural inadequacies of Web2 are becoming ever apparent, the novel possibilities of Web3, including censorship resistance, tokenization, and the internet of participatory value, are becoming increasingly adopted around the world.

In this new era of decentralized technology, Software is a Liquid Asset.

Web3 enables novel means to orchestrate, incentivize, scale and engage internet users, for work and play. It enables business and organizational models that allow users to create and realize value amongst themselves, at internet scale.

That value is tokenized and liquid. We invest in that value.

It is time for better, at internet scale.

Our Story And Team

United by deep respect and nurtured trust, we are three friends and equal business partners who are grateful to be part of the crypto revolution and eager to help build its better future. In 2020, the three became equal partners in Senary Blockchain Ventures. Together they explore blockchain opportunities as technologists, as entrepreneurs, and as investors.

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